Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Introduction to Blogging

I find myself still thinking that I don't have anything to say in my blog... 

However I simply need to get over this!!!

My Blog (Moyes Landing Pad) will be focused on my professional practice. I aspire to provide valuable resources and enable others to see the benefits Physical Education and Health has on the well-being of those involved.

One of my key focuses around my teaching philosophy has always been inclusion. Through focusing on new teaching styles that incorporate ABL (Adventure based learning) and TGFU (Teaching games for understanding) I always try my best to shy away from traditional forms of teacher directed lessons that involve exclusion styled games that I was exposed to when I went to school.

In order to maximize engagement and participation within my lessons, I truly believe in the importance of incorporating a more student-directed learning style along with classes that promote inclusion rather than exclusion.

I aspire every day to promote a positive learning environment for all of my students. A classroom that continually builds trust enhances teamwork, values diversity and encourages students to be actively involved is something I believe every teacher should strive towards.

Dream Big and you will achieve success.. watch this space (Moyes Landing Pad)